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With so many things to see and do in Atlanta, Golfoldeatlanta.com was formed to maximize your experience of the city. Here you will find ideas on how to enjoy the best of Atlanta, whether you plan to spend the weekend, or maybe consider relocating.

Starting out solely as a travel blog, Golfoldeatlanta.com features the top tourist destinations in and around Atlanta, including the world’s largest indoor aquarium, the Georgia Aquarium. It is an information channel about Atlanta – from its history to tips on using the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA). Golfoldeatlanta.com believes that to fully appreciate Atlanta as a visitor, one must act like a local, hence knowledge on public transportation is advisable.

It has then expanded its content to other services like itinerary planning, ticket hub for theaters, and lifestyle topics featuring the best restaurants and nightlife activities. It also provides tips about moving to Atlanta, highlighting the top locales to relocate to, as well as home services like truck rental companies, electrical companies, and even upholstery and carpet cleaning industries. People go to Golfoldeatlanta.com to find essential information about moving to Atlanta to make their relocation as hassle free as possible.

This blog has been a vital source of everything Atlanta, whether you are from the city, just visiting, or planning to move.