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Moving to a new place where everything is unfamiliar is quite strenuous. You are not only relocating, but you are bringing your whole life with you to a new city. Your life is definitely bound for a humongous change, and although you want everything to turn out well, there’s still this uneasy feeling that you might screw up in this foreign place. While it is typical to feel anxious about moving, it is a must to be educated about the place you are relocating to, as this will give you more confidence in facing your life in a whole new, different city.

Atlanta is acknowledged as the top city where young professionals relocate. Moving is a tedious process but knowing where you are going can lessen the stress. Here are some fundamental tips you will need to know when moving to Atlanta:

Buy or rent?

If you plan on moving, decide on whether you want to buy or rent a home. The key here is finding a realtor that can help you find the perfect abode in Atlanta. Approximately ¾ of houses in the city sell for an average of $500,000, while a 2-bedroom apartment usually rents for about $1,200.

Which county?

house available

Decide whether you want to live in the metro or suburbs. Consider transportation, rent and utilities, and accessibility, among others. Deliberate and decide on which specific county you want to live in. It is necessary to look for a place with accessible services and public transportation.

Is it a career move?

Why are you moving to Atlanta? If you are in for establishing your career, fret not as the city is home a number of local and international companies, including Home Depot, UPS, Coca-Cola, and more.

world of cocacola

Atlanta is continuously growing in terms of tourism and has become one of the top cities that people move into. Living in Atlanta is definitely an experience on its own. Apart from its rich history and culture, it is also one of the inexpensive major cities in the country.

And also, it’s where The Walking Dead is shot, so that’s definitely a plus!